"I have had the pleasure of being a customer of Barrel Works for over 12 years, Kerry Allor’s expertise has been a key factor in my 8 All-American team selections.  One of the key factors to be a top contender in this sport is to have the access to a person like Kerry, in my opinion he is the best in the business!"
Michael Blaisdell
Trapshooting All American
ATA Record Holder

"Knowing Kerry for many years through several different guns, I've found his service and workmanship to be the best, and his honesty and reputation to be next to none.  I would trust his advice over most anyone else in the industry."
Tim Robb

"Kerry Allor - he's as fine a shotgun metal smith as one could hope to find."
Holmes, Dave.  Holey Barrels. Trapshooting USA

"It isn't uncommon to see barrels at his shop that were sent there by gun companies to take care of problems....the owner of one small gun manufacturing business told me he thought Allor was the best barrel man in the country - a comment not made casually."
Holmes, Dave.  When It Comes To Barrel Work. Trapshooting USA